Cash Management Solutions
Caesarea provides cash solutions to companies, businesses and organisations. We provide the cash amount needed by our client at anytime and on time.
Our comprehensive cash services strategies give our clients the peace of mind to focus on growing their businesses and achieving their goals while we manage cash logistics. Our covert and overt cash services solutions include armoured and unarmoured transportation to the client’s desired location or financial institution on time all while saving the client time and money.

ATM First Line Response & Alarm Monitoring
Issues like ATM jams and deteriorating inventories such as paper, card and currency jams can temporarily disrupt your operations. Caesarea minimises down time. Our first-line technicians take a proactive approach to avoid problems before they occur. We provide unlimited service calls-handled consistently and on time.

Valuable Cargo
We transport and deliver valuable cargo, for example Gold, Jewellery, Diamonds, Cash and Foreign Currency.

Cash Processing
Caesarea can process and count our client’s cash and have it ready for banking or transfer the funds directly to our clients account from our secure facility.