Caesarea’s safe deposit boxes and data protection and storage solutions.

Safe Deposit Boxes.

We offer our clients safe deposit boxes large and small, to secure your valuables such as:
• Jewellery
• Diamonds
• Cash
• Private documents
Our clients benefit with anonymity no names or details will be given for our deposit boxes.

• Document Scanning
Our document scanning services provides you with a digitized copy of your files.

• Data and Document Access
We scan, store and retrieve all your files.

• Document Destruction
Secure document and digital destruction.
Our clients benefit from our free and secure delivery and pickup service.

Our physical file and Data retention. What it is essentially is we store and maintain physical and computer data files for clients to free up space at their office as well as protecting their data from ransom ware with 100% effectiveness and guarantee, our data systems have never been penetrated and are totally secure. When a particular file is needed we deliver it to you free.