Intelligence Gathering
Through our global network of resources and personnel we are able to provide our clients with actionable intelligence in areas such as potential threats to personnel and their company, potential business partners, R&D projects and investments as well as a range of other areas. The information gathered is processed by one or more analysts and turned into an actionable intelligence report for clients.

Corporate Intelligence
The increasing high stakes game of corporate espionage is being played by individuals, corporations and countries worldwide. These players will use any ethical, and in most cases, unethical, means to acquire data that will give them a competitive or financial advantage over their competition. Caesarea provides clients with assistance and advice on combating corporate espionage and identifying internal and external threats of their organisation.

Protective intelligence
Protective intelligence unit is used to identify and assess threats. It includes counter surveillance, investigations, analysis and the use of red teams to identify vulnerabilities at companies, facilities computer systems and individuals.

Threat Assessment
Our Threat assessment team is used to evaluate the risk posed by groups and individuals against your company or personnel. The primary purpose of a threat assessment is to prevent targeted violence. Caesarea operators are able to advise and manage appropriate steps to take in mitigating any threats and or attacks.

Red Teams
Our Red Teams assess organisation security, often unbeknownst to client staff. This type of Red Team provides a more realistic picture of the security readiness than exercises, role playing, or announced assessments. Our Red Team may trigger active controls and countermeasures within a given operational environment.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
helps us to find, select and acquire information from available sources. OSINT refers to any un-classified intelligence and includes anything freely available on the worldwide web including business websites, social networks, videos, forums, blogs and news sources. In addition to this, we use specialist resources to obtain reliable and thorough results. Although OSINT is unclassified and available, link crawling search engines do not always access or find it easily. At Caesarea we are skilled in OSINT ensuring clients we get important information more efficiently. We gather open source information, analyse it to transform this information into actionable intelligence for our clients. We do this through implementing the following key elements: Uncovering: knowing who knows about the data, where to look and extracting the appropriate data; Discrimination: careful discrimination between good and bad sources, current and outdated sources and relevant and irrelevant sources is part of the unique value of the process; Refining: the most important value added by the process is that of Refining. The final research report may be as short as a paragraph or a page; and Delivery: the best intelligence/research in the world is useless if it cannot be delivered to the client in a timely fashion and in a format that can be easily understood.
As technology increasingly evolves, the need of fast and specific information gathering arises, increasing the need of OSINT. Today, OSINT has become the basic need for both private and government organisations. In addition to OSINT there are instances where covert and passive surveillance is suitable, which we diligently conduct.

Monitoring Individuals & Motivated Groups
Caesarea can monitor, collate and analyse open source information to provide valuable intelligence specifically targeting certain groups or individuals of interest to our clients. Such monitoring is proven successful in preventing instances of fraud, theft, adverse industrial action, defamatory or adversarial conduct towards companies and protecting matters of national security, among-st other benefits. Caesarea provides clients with intelligence that can be proactively used in protecting their interests.

Asset and People Location Services
Caesarea has access to a wide range of databases to execute these investigations to achieve the best results for our clients. Our operators are highly trained and experienced professionals who have an excellent track record and high success rate.

Counter Surveillance
Counter surveillance may include electronic methods such as bug sweeping, the process of detecting surveillance devices, including covert listening devices, visual surveillance devices. More often than not, counter surveillance will employ a set of actions (countermeasures) that, when followed, reduce the risk of surveillance.

Equity Investment & High Level Due Diligence
Conducting Due Diligence investigations is increasingly used by companies to avoid failure. Caesarea can assist companies by arming them with the information to make informed decisions. We can profile your potential employees, business partners, investors and companies to ensure that our clients have met their obligations towards their various stakeholders.

Use & Non-use of Trademarks
Brands need protecting – they are a company’s identity. A company’s brand can be one of its most valuable assets and its worth can often be overlooked. Clients are increasingly recognising the importance of protecting brands. Caesarea can assist clients with establishing the extent of the infringement of their brands in the market through various techniques including market and internet monitoring, surveys and investigations.

Consumer Complaints Management & Reduction
The business landscape was very different to the one that we have become accustomed to today. The traditional bricks and mortar stores face serious competition in the wake of growing preference for online shopping. While the internet has broadened the playing field for business beyond boarders and seas, it has also adversely affected businesses in unanticipated ways.
Caesarea assists businesses redefine themselves in this new technology-driven world. One of our differentiating qualities is that our experienced operators are knowledgeable in the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Legislation. Where other Mystery Shoppers agencies begin and end their services in-store, our services excel beyond your run of the mill expectations. Caesarea uses a combination of resources to gather, collate and analyse information to provide useful recommendations to our clients with the view of reducing complaints, negative feedback on social media and unnecessary government attention and/or intervention. Our clients can rely on our services and can rest assured that our advice is in line with current legislative frameworks. Additionally, Caesarea provides ongoing monitoring and follow-up services for our clientele.

Cyber Threat Intelligence
While cybersecurity comprises the recruitment of IT security experts and the deployment of technical means to protect an organization’s critical infrastructure or intellectual property, Caesarea’s CTI is based on the collection of intelligence using open source intelligence (OSINT), social media intelligence (SOCMINT), human Intelligence (HUMINT), technical intelligence or intelligence from the deep and dark web. Caesarea’s key mission is to research and analyze trends and technical developments.

Data Protection and Storage Solutions.
Physical Document and File Storage
We offer secure document storage using our secure facilities.
Data Protection Services
Protect your confidential information and backup. Protection is guaranteed. We give a way for our clients to fight back.
24hr Cyber security and penetration testing services
Protect your data and computer systems from theft and intrusion with our red teams.