Caesarea’s Red Team was contracted to test the security of a multi-national data storage company.
The Red Team identified several security flaws within the organisation and its personnel. We successfully penetrated the company’s network and extracted data by exploiting their security flaws.

This two week operation came to an end when Caesarea returned our client’s data, accompanied with a complete report and recommendations to ensure unequivocally secure data storage, potentially saving our client tens of thousands of dollars in damages.


Our client was a multi million-dollar international insurance firm that suspected large scale fraud at the hands of two individuals. The firm suspected that the two individuals may have been working together to defraud them for a large amount of money but had no evidence.
The two individuals signed declarations that they didn’t know each other.

Caesarea commenced an in-depth open source intelligence gathering on the suspected individuals. We mapped out the individual’s contacts and businesses.
Using advanced social engineering capabilities and gathered intelligence, Caesarea was able to obtain photo, video and audio evidence of an existing relationship between the individuals who had worked together to commit multiple instances of fraud against our client and to have connections to a criminal entity.


Our client was being threatened and harassed by an individual that had warrants out for his arrest. As an infamous figure in the drug world, the individual was known to law enforcement. Law enforcement was unable to locate the individual. Through our contacts, assets and intelligence gathering services we managed to locate the individual and confirm his identity. Caesarea’s operators covertly followed the individual for several days. We were able to decipher the individual’s routine and then notify law enforcement as to his location. This operation resulted in the individuals arrest and allowed our client to resume their life free of fear.